Let’s Go Down This Road Together – Audio TidBits Podcast

Simon says, “Let’s go down this road together.” It is worth considering. Going down the road with you could be just fine. There are a couple of questions though. What will it be like with you, what is your idea of a successful relationship? That is important but there is an even more important question. It takes two committed people to make a relationship work. What is your commitment? …

Value both the People and the Activities at Work – Audio TidBits Podcast

It’s important to consistently assure that you are Supporting and furthering your organization’s mission. This starts with being sure you Value your organization’s people and activities.

Do You Remember? – Audio TidBits Podcast

What do you think about taking a few minutes to remember Christmas? You haven’t forgotten? Relax, close your eyes and try really hard to remember. You may recall that it is really even better than you remembered. You are in for a nice surprise.

The Great Mouse Discovery

The Great Mouse has been discovered retreating to a parallel universe to recover and refuel. Our intrepid hunters have tracked the Great Mouse to a remote destination and hope to capture it once and for all. It is a menace in the universe and is the greatest threat to the Earth that Earth humans have ever known. Let’s join the hunt and learn how our intrepid hunters do in this, the latest episode of their quest to rid the universe of the Great Mouse.

A Carriage Ride, A snowy Afternoon, Holiday Season In The City – Audio TidBits Podcast

Can you imagine a carriage ride, a snowy afternoon, and holiday season in the city? If so, bundle up, sit back and relax. These eight minutes are for you.

Get On That Pony And ride

Leadership is in many ways a balancing act. On the one hand, leaders are doers, they have to act. Leadership and action go hand in hand.

On the other hand, leaders can and sometimes do screw things up by acting too quickly, doing without sufficient thought and consideration. Insufficient caution is a risky approach to leadership, a nearly guaranteed path to disaster. Leadership and caution go hand in hand.

In this episode of the Leadership Shop, I give you three keys to open the door of effective and successful leadership. I hope you find them useful.

Aliens, Hackers, taxes, Hurricanes, Fires, Sex & Embassies – Audio TidBits Podcast

The Aliens Amongst Us are back and once more transmitting. In this transmission, they are counseled by mission control back on their home planet about violating the standard communication protocol and offer their excuses and explanations. They are advised to do better and encouraged to report.


In their report, they focus on the great tax cut, the good work of their leader in the capital city, the aftermath of the hurricanes and fires in the US, sexual harassment, and the political disruption surrounding the declarations about the capital in Israel by their leader in the capital city.


This is a longer than usual transmission and needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. Following the hack, they do seem to have developed a better transmission protocol given what seems like somewhat clearer audio. This probably will be carried over to their more public activity which I assume they will continue to pursue. You may of course listen for yourself.

Aliens, Sexual Harassment, Taxes & The Alien Leader In The Capital City – Audio TidBits Podcast

Hey folks, the Aliens Amongst Us seem to find things here on Earth confusing for them. They are having trouble understanding all the news about sexual harassment, taxes and the activities of their leader in the capital city. It’s a new approach for them to request advice and guidance from their home planet. They want to tap into the Brain Bank back on their home planet. It’s sort of like Googling for truth. Please listen and come to your own conclusions.