Inspiration Does Not A Leader Make

Are there many, if any leaders in your life? In fact, do you know of a leader, whether in your life or not? Since we tend to think that whatever famous people say is true, we might all do well to listen to what James has to share with us about the pronouncement of one famous person about leaders and leadership. Sometimes, being famous does not necessarily make one profound.

Superman Thinking

James is here to give you some of the best advice you are likely to get this week. Knowing what you cannot do or should not do is at least as important as your positive goals and dreams. Listen and learn. You will be glad you did not miss what James has to say in this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast.

Leadership Disconnect

James is focused on what he calls the leadership disconnect. Do we lead to achieve some goal or mission external to those who do the work or do we lead to enable people to fulfill their personal goals or mission through the work opportunities we enable for them? Of course, James explains the point with higher clarity and comprehension.

Go For The Gusto

James tells us to go for the gusto. sure, that may at first seem pretty trite for a classy guy like James, but hang in for a bit. In this episode, James has hefty support for his pronouncement. He includes direct input from 20 or so of the world’s most renowned success gurus to bolster his message. This is an episode you definitely will not want to miss.

Truth OR Half Truth

James is back to encourage you to disclose, to always give people the unvarnished truth. They need to know what you think, know your perspective. They also need to know your feelings about the situation, your fears, your reservations. James says to avoid ever dealing in half truths.

Leadership Factor

Welcome back to Leadership Shop. In this episode of the podcast, I have returned from slacking and otherwise procrastinating to give you something more or less serious to consider. Where do leaders come from. Do they gradually develop or perhaps just magically emerge from the ether. Do children come into the world as future leaders or is the process more nuanced? Listen to the podcast to get the answer.


I, James, have been a shirker. It’s that procrastination thing. It does look like no longer than I have been at podcasting, I would be more on my game. At least I am being up front with you about my lapse.

I have posted my explanation. You can listen and judge for yourself.

I know, it’s a pretty feeble substitute for a real podcast but it might be worth a little chuckle at my expense. Don’t worry. I have it coming.

Leadership Commandments

This is the first episode of Leadership Shop Podcast. Your host is James Narrator, the voice of the podcast. His friends just call him James; and he is excited to bring the Leadership Shop Podcast to you each Monday and Thursday. The episodes are fairly short so won’t require a big time commitment for you to subscribe and listen regularly. You can subscribe easily on James appreciates your time and hopes to provide valuable leadership and personal success tips and strategies regularly just for you.

In this first episode, James shares the ten commandments of leadership. Taking them to heart and following them as you lead, manage, and supervise others will give you an edge over mere commonplace leaders. You will be known as a leader who leads with style, all the time, on purpose.