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Simon says, “Work with people instead of merely relying on your power
and control.”

That Simon, there he goes again reiterating the obvious. Working with
people is certainly the right thing to do, the PPS way. Surely everyone knows
this by now. They also know relying on power and control stifles innovation,
creativity, and cooperation. Further, it increases tension and apprehension
while causing people to become anxious and fearful. Even if they are not the
focus of the power and control, the affect is about the same. Just being in a
power-oriented environment is unsettling and stressful. Simon recognizes these
unacceptable outcomes; but his favoring working with people rests more
specifically on the less obvious down-side of routinely using power and

Regularly using power and control is ineffective and
counterproductive. It does not work. More specifically;

•           The
more skilled the employee, the less effective it is.

•           The
older the child, the worse the outcomes with power oriented approaches.

•           The
more competent the spouse, the less tolerance there is for controlling

•           The
more important the person’s participation is to the team, the more using power
and control jeopardizes the team’s success.

•           The
more choices the person has, the less acceptance there is of such nonsense.

Is Simon’s point coming clear? Unnecessary use of power and control
leads to your best people leaving. What’s more, if they cannot leave, they
gradually shut down on you. You do not consistently get the best they have to

Give this a minute’s thought. The team’s brightest and best either
leave or perform below their best. Over time, what is the result? You have only
those people who are less skilled and competent along with others who are not
at their best. Now, who is left on your team and how does it bode for team

Simon works with people because it is the right thing to do. He only
uses power and control when he has no other viable options, since he wants to
maximize innovation, creativity, and cooperation. Most critical to his success,
though, he passes along as much power and control as people on the team can
productively and constructively manage because Simon wants Simon to succeed.
Working with people who are so empowered keeps good people on the team and
extends to them the opportunity to be great. Given that potential for
excellence, Simon holds this secret close to his heart and never loses focus on

•           Power
and people don’t mix.

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