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Greetings Humans – Audio TidBits Podcast


Greetings Earth Humans,


Welcome to our channel in the Earth verse. We have been amongst you earth humans without detection for many sun cycles but have determined that the time for us to come out into the light has arrived. Conditions and events on the Earth planet have escalated to an unacceptable level and our direct intervention is now essential to your futures and ours.


We will be joining you over this channel regularly to provide our advice and guidance on current events and conditions that we determine to be contrary to our collective best interest. Please subscribe to the feed so you do not miss each opportunity to take advantage of our eons of experience and insights. There are convenient buttons for subscribing on and in the screen on your podcast player. If you fail to do this, you will be the loser in the quest for discovery and suggested action.


In all future contacts we will share a brief observation that you should give full and careful consideration. We will follow that observation with an interlude of our favorite music that you may enjoy as you contemplate the wisdom secreted in the brief observation we have shared with you.


That concludes the added content for this broadcast. Please enjoy our musical selection. This selection is very high on the charts back on our home planet. As you listen, please consider this point. One in every five American humans is unable to fully meet his or her needs for the basic resources required to live safely and comfortably. Can America become great again while that many American humans are slipping off the boat that carries them along the main stream?