Who we are

I am Gary Crow and am the primary person associated with the website and it’s content. You may contact me at GAC@GaryCrow.net or (440) 213-3353.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

This site neither requests nor retains any personal data from site visitors. If a visitor chooses to e-mail the site, that e-mail and associated conversation may be retained but will not be shared without first getting permission from the original visitor.


Comments on posts or pages are neither permitted nor retained.


Podcast episodes or other media downloaded by visitors or accessed via podcast players from the RSS feed are tracked for statistical purposes only and do not gather or retain any user specific data.

Contact forms

The site does not include any contact forms or other devices requesting user information. Users are provided with the necessary information to contact the site by e-mail or phone if they choose to do so. User information associated with those activities may be retained but will not be shared without the permission of the original visitor.


This site does not use cookies.

Embedded content from other websites

This site does not use embedded content from external sites or sources.


This site is hosted by Hostgator and uses Blubrry statistics services. It also has a Google site map. To the best of our knowledge, Those services do not collect any user specific data. Further, to the best of our knowledge, any data that is collected is aggregated and does not retain individual visitor data.

Who we share your data with

We do not share your data with anyone beyond the analytic services noted in the last section.

How long we retain your data

We do not retain any user data beyond that received in user initiated e-mails or phone calls. Any data received via e-mail or by phone is only retained as long as needed to provide the response or service requested.

What rights you have over your data

Since we have not collected or retained any user data beyond that described in the last section, your data rights are not applicable to this site. If you want any data returned that was provided by e-mail or over the phone, it will be returned if it still exists in our records. We will delete any such data at the user’s request.

Where we send your data

This site does not actively send user data anywhere or to anyone. HostGator maintains server logs, Blubrry maintains download records, and Google retains aggregated visitor data. No personal data is collected, retained, or distributed.

Contact Information

If you have any privacy-specific concerns, please contact Gary Crow at GCrow@GaryCrow.net or (440) 213-3353.

How we protect your data

We protect your data by not requesting, collecting, or retaining it. We secure the site with SSL and regular plugin and security updates. If you are aware of any data risk from visiting the site, please let us know and we will make a sincere effort to eliminate that risk. We are aware of no risk to you as a visitor to the site.