President Trump, I Have A Little Bone To Pick With You

Mr. President, I have just again listened to your victory speech from 2016 from the night you learned that you were the President-elect. You said some very hopeful things in that speech and let us know that you had great plans for our country. You said a couple of things that I think need revisited. You seemed to have promised more than you are delivering, more than you seem to have any intention to deliver. Maybe its just too much to expect, but I think you and I should chat about it.


Okay, I know that’s not going to happen. You are way too busy to have little chats with retired liberals in Ohio. Since I’m not likely to be able to share my concerns with you, I am sharing them with listeners to Personal Point Of View (PPOV). If you happen to have a few minutes to listen, just press play and we can pick that bone together.

In 500 Years…

In this episode of Personal Point Of View (PPOV), I tackle one of the great prompts of all time. In 500 years…. There you go. How do you finish the sentence?


As it turned out, the prompt took me to places that surprised me. What at first seemed like way too much of a climb was actually an opportunity to think about what I think truly matters, really makes a difference. I hope you enjoy thinking about 500 years from now with me.

When I’m Older…

In this episode of PPOV, I am picking up on my quest to get over my little case of stage fright. I use two prompts from my iPhone app and spend a while exploring how they play out for me. When I’m older… prompts me to consider how real getting older actually is. The same pondering is prompted by, “If I were taller….” Perhaps you will want to listen to see if you agree with my perspective or have an alternative perspective of your own.

Getting Over Stage Fright

Do you have stage fright? To my surprise, I have concluded that I am having a little case of what I can only call stage fright. It’s not a fear of speaking to a large group or anything like that for me. My stage fright is new and only kicks in when I sit down to make a PPOV podcast.

It’s not talking to you that sets off my anxiety. Rather, it is merely talking into the open microphone. Since I really want to talk to you, I need a plan for Getting Over Stage Fright. Although I have been putting it off, I have concluded that the only cure is to podcast.

This episode and likely the next few will be for me. I am going to push through it. My stage fright is preventing me from podcasting. That is simply not acceptable. I need to just get over it.


Perhaps you will choose to join me during the cure. If not, I will understand. Please check back in a few weeks. By then, I should be cured. If you choose to join me for the journey, stay tuned. The trip should be interesting, at least interesting to those of us whexperience a little stage fright now and then.