The Success Train you ever taken a trip on the success train? If not, you are in for a real treat. If you have made the journey with Tom and his friends before, you will discover that a second trip on the success train is even better than your first. Press play, climb aboard and enjoy the […]

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Who we are Our website address is: I am Gary Crow and am the primary person associated with the website and it’s content. You may contact me at or (440) 213-3353. What personal data we collect and why we collect it This site neither requests nor retains any personal data from site visitors. […]

Warriors Miller’s dog-and-pony show takes twelve minutes. When the lights are back up, Brent confidently asks if there are any questions.  This is his big mistake.   Ronda Simpson breaks the ice. “That was good, Brent. I at least understand your data better than I did in January.”   Brent smiles and says, “Given your […]

Bonus: Management Excellence – Audio TidBits Podcast management is based on guiding principles; and the effectiveness of management derives from those principles. This is true whether the principles are appropriate or inappropriate, reasonable or unreasonable, consistent or inconsistent. Similarly, the derivative nature of management holds whether the guiding principles are vague or well-defined, followed faithfully or haphazardly, applied day-to-day by managers […]

By The Book there someone where you work who absolutely, totally, and unequivocally drives you up the wall? Do you sometimes feel like climbing the wall all by yourself as the quickest way to escape? If you are saying Yes! Yes! Yes! you have had first-hand experience with “The Frustration Factor,” up close and personal.   The […]

Do You Remember? – Audio TidBits Podcast do you think about taking a few minutes to remember Christmas? You haven’t forgotten? Relax, close your eyes and try really hard to remember. You may recall that it is really even better than you remembered. You are in for a nice surprise.

The Great Tax Cut? am hearing that there is going to be a great tax cut, maybe even the greatest tax cut of all times. Unfortunately, that is the limit of what I hear of any substance. I guess I am expected to reflexively believe that a tax cut of any kind is good and that the current […]

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Your Exclusive Guide To The High Road This is Your Exclusive High Road Guide from the Travelers In-flight Preparatory School. We at TIPS are proud of our glorious history of providing superior orientation and tutoring services for newcomers as well as refresher courses for experienced High Road travelers. I’m your personal travel guide and advisor. […]

HTM 159 – Do You Have A Point? – How To Matter – Audio TidBits Podcast How To Matter podcast team is having a rambling chat ranging from frustration to whatever comes next. Like most casual discussions, the topic shifts with no particular theme. Let’s listen in to see how well we do following the conversation.

Adaptive Leadership (003) – Audio TidBits Podcast this episode, the adaptive leadership series is continued. Focus is on leadership as a service and what does and does not lead to leadership excellence. Note: In the last episode, I did not realize that the musical notes under the narrator might distort on a phone speaker. I’m sorry and will try to avoid […]