Blind How … The Basics is an audio book for people who can’t see and for those who are interested in how people who can’t see do what they do. If you have been unable to see for a while, the book is likely not for you, although you may find Part I of interest.


Part i discusses some of the pitfalls and frustrations people who can’t see experience when dealing with many of those who can see and who reflexively put people who can’t see into their “Blind Box.” I include a few tips for avoiding ending up in someone’s Blind Box, along with some strategies that help us who can’t see be taken more seriously in social and business situations.


Part ii includes basic, starter tips for people who are losing or have recently lost their ability to see. The theme is developing the special skill set we need when we can’t see, starting with simply getting up and walking around. Those who have been unable to see for some time may find it fun to remember when even they couldn’t smoothly take a glass from someone who was handing it to him or her.


There is a download link for the audio book on if you are interested. If you prefer reading the book, just click on Part i or Part ii above.


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