Yes Sir! – a little audio drama – Audio TidBits Podcast is the first episode of Audio TidBits Podcast. To get the podcast started, I am sharing a little audio drama that was developed as part of my participation in the CAVI audio training program. The people in the third scene are CAVI instructors and the audio clips used have been edited and taken out […]

101 Leadership Secrets – Audio TidBits Podcast to the head of the line comes through hard work, good luck, and the careful application of intuition and well-developed political horse sense. This is certainly true; and it would also help if you were related to the boss or happened to be the only qualified person on the planet.  Short of this, can […]

Leadership Hunt – Audio TidBits Podcast gives us a complex notion to ponder as we wonder who is and who is not a leader, what and what is not leadership. As I consider his thought process, I find myself continuing to question whether leadership is something real and identifiable or instead an artificial construct that we like to impose on […]

Leadership May Not Be Real – Audio TidBits Podcast brings his own take to whether leadership is real or just a clever way of putting a label on some people who happen to be rather talented and particularly lucky. Do you think leadership is a real thing or is it just the way some writers choose to describe people who they think have […]

Who Does Your Thinking? – Audio TidBits Podcast doubt that many would disagree with the notion that thinking for yourself is definitely the way to go. Given that popular belief, James raises the question asking if thinking for one’s self is a good idea, why do so few people actually do it? If this causes any curiosity, listen to the podcast to […]

Doing To Do – Audio TidBits Podcast things piling up and its three steps forward and two steps back day after day? Is your to do list getting way to long to ever get done? Well, James has the perfect plan for you. Tune in and have a listen. Your list is just about to get much shorter.

Go Ahead, Quit Before You Are finished – Audio TidBits Podcast$.mp3James has an important message for you in this episode of Leadership shop. He says it is time to get down to it. If you aren’t up to it, it may then be time to learn how doing less than necessary is little better than doing nothing.

Change Management don’t often tell you that a particular episode of Leadership Shop is a must listen but this one may very well be. James is talking about change management and comes quickly to the nub of the matter. Change is not optional. The only question is whether or not you are going to play the […]