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  • President Trump, I Have A Little Bone To Pick With You

    Mr. President, I have just again listened to your victory speech from 2016 from the night you learned that you were the President-elect. You said some very hopeful things in […]

  • In 500 Years…

    In this episode of Personal Point Of View (PPOV), I tackle one of the great prompts of all time. In 500 years…. There you go. How do you finish the […]

  • When I’m Older…

    In this episode of PPOV, I am picking up on my quest to get over my little case of stage fright. I use two prompts from my iPhone app and […]

  • Getting Over Stage Fright

    Do you have stage fright? To my surprise, I have concluded that I am having a little case of what I can only call stage fright. It’s not a fear […]

  • Hogfare! Really?

    Do you know about Hogfare? That’s welfare of sorts for hogs and those who spend their time raising hogs. It’s a generic kind of welfare program that includes other crops […]

  • 2,000 Maltreated Children

    In this episode of PPOV: Personal Point Of View, the title tells the story. 2,000 Maltreated Children. The point to the story is the children, but who is maltreating those […]

  • Does President Trump Have A Point?

    I have been thinking about doing this episode of PPOV for a while now. The problem was that I seemed to be all thought and no talk. To get past […]

  • Should Roseanne Have Been Fired?

    Welcome to the first episode of PPOV: a podcast where Personal Point Of View matters, at least it matters to you and me.   In this initial episode, I discuss […]

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