The pursuit of Personal Excellence is a lifetime journey and never merely an event. What’s more, it’s a journey that many start but only a few sustain. For those few, it seems easy and natural, something that requires little effort. But neither does it just come naturally nor without intense focus and consentration.

Personal Excellence is nothing short of a nonnegotiable commitment to doing the right things right, with everyone, every time, everywhere — no exceptions, no excuses.

Here you have the opportunity to both listen to Pursuing Personal Excellence and to downloading the MP3 edition for your more leisurely consideration. Will you take up the challenge? Probably not but one never knows. Now and then, that unusual person comes along who not only wants to pursue Personal Excellence but has no option but to take the journey. Pursuing Personal Excellence is a guide book of sorts for you only if you are up to the challenge.

Good luck and happy traveling.