Someone We Can Lean On

How do you deal with your stress? You ask, “What makes you think I have stress?” Well, it’s pretty simple. We all have times of stress. It may be very stressful or only a little stressful, but stress it is. It may be what they call good stress that helps us deal with important situations […]

When Gossip Is Good

When you hear the word “gossip,” do you lean toward thinking that gossip is a bad thing or toward thinking gossip is good? I suspect we are told more times that gossip is bad and that it’s not good to gossip. Well, what if I told you that not only is gossip good, it is […]

Why Argue?

There are times to argue, if the arguement is of one kind, but if it is of the other kind, arguing has little to no point and may make worse the exact thing you want to improve. Please listen and see if you agree. If you happen not to agree, let’s not argue about it. […]

Assertiveness Is Fundamental

What comes to mind when you hear that someone is assertive? The typical ideas quickly move to descriptions of behavior: what the assertive person says and does. More specifically, they focus on how he or she acts. But is this assertiveness? On the surface, it is definitely assertiveness of sorts; but this type of behavior […]

When Making Decisions

How much do you struggle when making decisions? If you fit in with most of us, you don’t struggle much at all. You make dozens of decisions every day with little thought or indecision. Now and then though, there is a needed decision that slows you down and perhaps even causes you to stop in […]

Too Much Of A Good Thing

We know that being helpful, doing our share, accommodating to the needs and interests of others and generally being a good sport is a good thing, but there can sometimes be too much of a good thing. There the people who we all know who way underdo the notion of pitching in and helping but […]

When Experts Aren’t

How dependent are you on experts? If you are tempted to respond, “Not much,” you may want to reconsider. Do you have a doctor, an accountant, a vet for your pet, a lawyer, an expert who works on your car, a plumber, and on and on? The better question is just how many experts are […]

When Excuses Stop Excusing

A simple fact of life is that one excuse is generally as good as another. Either you get a pass this time or you don’t. The good news is that people will generally give you a break and give you that pass this time. The bad news is that you can’t count on being excused, […]

Swallow Hard And Let It Go

Do you ever get into a snit and quickly become upset and difficult to be around? Of course you do. If not, you definitely qualify for sainthood. Even if you don’t occasionally get into a snit, please know that the rest of us certainly do. In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, I have […]

When Success Stops Mattering

There is a point when you become too busy, too old, too tired, or perhaps too lazy, when success stops mattering. I sure hope you aren’t there yet. Please join me to explore the day when success stops mattering. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | […]