Down On The Farm – Audio TidBits Podcast

It’s Down On The Farm. There’s not much else to say. Have a listen. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS

The Aliens Amongst Us Have Departed – Audio TidBits Podcast

This is the final broadcast from the former home of the Aliens Amongst Us. Intercept reports that the Aliens have departed. Please listen to get the details of their departure. Intercept1 has advised us that he will continue to monitor their transmissions if there are more. Any interceptions of their transmissions will be shared with […]

Appreciate Where and How You Fit In

a proactive leader knows his primary role is to help you succeed. You are not responsible for his success but he assuredly is responsible for facilitating yours. His task is to provide for you the best possible opportunity to get where you are committed to going. He saw your commitment and supported your being on […]

Aliens: Mass Murder, Guns, Systemic Change & Political Will – Audio TidBits Podcast

It is totally terrific to be on the air broadcasting to you and all of your fellow earth humans. Sadly there are fewer of you than when last we broadcasted. Mass murder has been frequent and expected on your Earth planet for a very long time             but has historically been more or less restricted […]

Value Your Customers – Audio TidBits Podcast

Value your customers, those who benefit from your products and services. As a member of a proactive leader’s winning team, your commitment to customer service will reach new heights. You will learn to be more responsive to the needs and interests of your customers than you had thought possible. Meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations […]


Have you ever been driven up the wall by a mainliner? “What’s a mainliner?” you ask. Read on. You likely are already familiar with the type and how they can cause havoc in your company.   Mainliners cannot be bothered with elementary groundwork.   These players will plunge into any project without so much as […]

The Leadership Perspective

With the central importance of maintaining the Management Perspective in mind, let’s shift our attention to point “0” within the Helping Triangle. At this position, there are a myriad of web-like connecting lines going out in all directions. We are focusing here only on the six lines within the local Helping Triangle, starting with the […]


All infants have a strong and very real need for physical contact. Without it, the deprivation is very real and may be permanent. Your baby’s need for touching and cuddling is like food for physical and emotional growth. Your infant’s need for physical contact strongly suggests this physical/emotional/social being also needs to be “fed.” Without […]

Question Decisions

It is important for you to actively and thoughtfully Participate on the management team. An important element of your participation is to assure that you Question decisions and actions of others you think may cause problems or jeopardize operations. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | […]

Be Dependable And Keep Your Commitments

On the face of it, the point here seems like another one of those no-brainers. “Be as good as your word.” “Do what you say you will do.” Certainly loyalty is also part of the package as is faithfulness, to the extent that promises have been made. It would seem that this is simply a […]