Authority Junky? – Audio TidBits Podcast you know someone who delights in figuratively pushing others around, telling them what to do, being in charge, and generally bossing others whether they are actually in a position to do that or not? It seems that their main agenda is letting everyone know that they are the big dog. Even worse, do you […]

Alien Respite – Aliens Amongst Us folks, Intercept1 has intercepted what he thinks is a direct signal from the home planet of the aliens amongst us. Unless he misses his guess, at least some of the aliens amongst us have returned to their home planet for some rest and relaxation. It sounds to Intercept1 like they are conversing about their […]

Prejudice Is Unavoidable – Audio TidBits Podcast you prejudiced? It won’t be surprising if you quickly say that you are not. But what is prejudice? It is Being biased or having a belief or attitude formed beforehand. It is to pre-judge.   I think the reality is that we are all prejudiced about some things and about some people. Actually I […]

No Pain No Gain? – Aliens Amongst Us has intercepted another communication from the Aliens Amongst Us. In this transmission, one of the aliens amongst us is on what appears to be a rant. He focuses on the fundamental inequity among the people of America and specifically on what he sees as a hidden example of the powerful exploiting the weak.   […]

Who Do You Respect? – Audio TidBits Podcast have heard people say that they have no respect for this person or that individual. I think this generally means that they disapprove of the person’s beliefs, behavior, or some other aspect of who they are or how they behave. Fair enough. For most of us, there are some people we do not want […]

What Is Blocking Your Success? – Audio TidBits Podcast hear that some of us are traveling on easy street. Well, maybe so but probably not. I think it is fair to say that there is never a clear path to success. No matter how smart we are, how lucky we are, how rich we are, how old we are or how determined we […]

Managing The Future have all heard that the world is divided into those who tend toward optimism and those who lean toward pessimism. Some folks live at the extremes and others fall somewhere in-between. In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, I share with you a philosophy that suggests that it makes little difference whether you […]

The World’s Best Advice (Vol. 6) Audio Tidbits Podcast team has collected a series of tidbits incorporating the world’s best advice. These life gems are packaged in six episodes that we are sharing with you in the hope that you adopt them as elements in your personal style as you continue to make a difference to people who make a […]

Prejudice & Politics – Audio TidBits Podcast Aliens Amongst Us are reporting back to their home planet and Intercept1 has intercepted their transmission. He continues to do all he can to capture as much of their communication as possible. His goal is to share it with you so you know about their presence amongst us and are as informed as you […]

When Excellence Is A Choice – Audio TidBits Podcast are taught that we should always do our best and give everything we do our best effort. This admonition is reinforced by sayings such as if something is worth doing it is worth doing well and conversely, if something is not worth doing well, it is not worth doing. All of that sounds like […]