HTM 147 – Tips For Making A Difference – How To Matter – Audio TidBits Podcast How To Matter podcast team has a new approach for sharing ideas about how to matter to people who matter to us, how to make a difference to people who make a difference to us. They are calling it a speed round. Let’s listen in to see how a speed round works and to […]

You May Want To Know is relaxing beside a crackling fire in the fireplace pondering about life and living as he enjoys doing now and then. Let’s listen in to hear a fairly random review of things he finds worth knowing. Perhaps we will find them worth knowing too.

Leaders Shall – Audio TidBits Podcast has a special episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast for us. Regardless of our take on who is and is not a leader, whatever we think about what separates leaders from others, we can all agree that leaders need to do some things and not do others, need to behave in some ways and […]

Want To Be A Guru? – Audio TidBits Podcast you given any thought about being a guru? Lee thought it over and is giving it a try. He shares the secret to being a good friend. Sure, he does it in the best guru style. Listen in and see how you think he did. You could do better? Give it a try and […]

Making Me Do Something Is Leadership? – Audio TidBits Podcast explores whether leadership has much to do with getting people to do things they would not otherwise do as some “experts” suggest. James concludes that such actions, although frequently effective, have little to do with leadership.

HTM 146 – Who Do You Want To Change? – How To Matter – Audio TidBits Podcast do you want to change? Who do you want to change? It would be interesting if we could actually change things and perhaps even more interesting if we could change people. This episode of How To Matter revisits episode 8 where Gary shares his perspective on how much we can actually change. It has […]

Micah on Life & Learning – Audio TidBits Podcast have you learned from life and living. If you have a fewminutes, join Micah while he shares a few insights he has picked up over the years. There is a fire in the fireplace and an easy chair where you can sit back and relax while Micah shares his thoughts with us.